Q&A: Master Plan and Youth Engagement

Q: I would like to hear more about the “Master Plan” and the Youth Council please.

A: Thanks for your interest about these initiatives. You can read one of my posts about the Downtown Master Plan here: http://ow.ly/B6NO30pQKWC.

That includes a link to the city’s website page with additional information. Mayor Curtis and Councilman Hutchings serve on that group with our City Administrator and other staff. I understand they met yesterday, so one of them likely have the very latest updates.

Other posts I’ve provided about downtown are here: http://ow.ly/DIvl30pQKWX

You can read about the Youth Advisory Board here: http://ow.ly/7HpR30pQKXf.
Our Community Relations Specialist, Justin Campbell, is responsible for that. You can email him for additional information (jcampbell@simpsonville.com).

Hope that helps you with the information you’re looking for. Have a great day!

Youth Advisory Board Update

Today I stopped by City Hall to drop something off, and I had the chance to meet one of the young people who applied for the Youth Advisory Board. He said to me, “This is the most interesting thing I’ve found to do around here.” I am so excited that this vision is becoming a reality. The Youth Advisory Board will provide vital input to City Council (they have their own round table for the Rebranding Charette!). This will also encourage civic engagement among our youth. These are our future leaders. I look forward to working with our Youth Advisory Board!

Youth Advisory Board Update

Tonight City Council approved 6-0 the Resolution officially forming our Youth Advisory Board! Attached are the resolution and the accompanying memo by our Community Relations Specialist, Justin Campbell, who has already been hard at work making this idea a reality. If you have any questions about the Youth Advisory Board, you can email him at jcampbell@simpsonville.com. I am so excited to see this group form, learn, and help us be a better city!