People in Upstate South Carolina often refer to our city as “Simpleville.”  “Simpleville:” a throwback to a simpler time. The nickname alludes to Simpsonville’s small-town charm. It’s a fitting moniker in many ways.

Part of that small-town charm is the sense of community you experience living here. We have a great community; evidence of it is everywhere I turn:

  • When our neighbor across the street offers to watch our dog when we go out of town;
  • When our next-door neighbor brings us produce from his garden;
  • When a group of neighbors volunteers a Saturday morning to do yard work for someone who can’t;
  • When we gather together to celebrate the new playground equipment at our park;
  • When that celebration includes a food drive for the local food bank;
  • When our Fire Department visits a local summer camp, providing relief from the heat wave in addition to fire safety education;
  • When our Police Department graduates another class from the Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA).
  • When our Parks and Recreation Department holds free summer movies in the park;
  • When a local businessman opens his venue to prom-goers whose memories were almost ruined by rain;
  • When a local professional photographer offers to take those prom photos for free;
  • When a hundred of your neighbors show up in a  display of unity–not just for Simpsonville but for our fellow South Carolinians in Charleston.

That’s community.  And it’s one of the things about Simpsonville I love.  I’m not alone: it’s why people want to live here. And it’s one of the things I’m committed to sustaining, nurturing, and growing–especially given the growth of the city.

You can count on me to be committed to community.

Screenshot 2015-06-27 12.51.52
Simpsonville residents coming together to show support for the Charleston community (2015).