Supporting Local Businesses

I believe in supporting local business–it’s good not just for them but for our community.  Our small businesses add to the small-town character that makes Simpsonville such a great place to live.  They contribute to the tax base. They encourage community. They connect neighbors, support local causes.  They help keep more Simpsonville dollars in Simpsonville.

I do my part by shopping small, but I also believe the city needs to do its part.  We have a great Chamber of Commerce working on behalf of our local economy.  A stronger relationship between the Chamber and the City Council could help us continue building on the successes we’ve already had.  We need to be dedicated to economic opportunity, development, and progress.  I want to see our council focus on that.  I want us to go back to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and focus on making some progress on the Downtown Master Plan.  I want Simpsonville to be the kind of community every small business owner wants to join. I want it to be the kind of city they know they can count on for support–the kind of city in which small businesses thrive.