Demonstrated Leadership

I am a recognized leader in both my professional life and in my community, and I believe that leadership will be an asset to the Simpsonville City Council.


In my professional life, I have held a number of leadership roles:

  • web president SCADEDepartment Head for Comprehensive Studies at Tri-County Technical College, 2012-present.

In addition to my responsibilities as a full-time instructor, teaching English, Freshman Seminar, and College Skills courses, I am responsible for department management in the following ways:

hiring, supervising, and evaluating approximately 50 full and part-time faculty and staff;

overseeing personnel concerns;

scheduling classes;

supervising the departmental budget;

monitoring faculty loading;

carrying out faculty performance reviews;

and observing classroom instruction.

I am also responsible for department development in the following ways:

overseeing curriculum review and changes;

working with program advisory committee;

developing plans to meet departmental needs;

coordinating and providing leadership for the implementation of departmental objectives;

performing program evaluation;

carrying out long-range planning;

and exploring and recommending new programs.

  • Freshman Seminar and College Skills Coordinator at Tri-County Technical College, 2007-present.
  • PresidentSouth Carolina Association for Developmental Education, 2015.
  • Chair, Marketing Committee, National Association for Developmental Education, present.
  • Secretary, South Carolina Association for Developmental Education, 2013.
  • President, South Carolina Departments of English, 2012-2013.
  • Chair, Tri-County Cultural Enrichment Series Committee, 2005-2012.
  • Co-Director, Institute in Technical Communication (ITC), 2006.


In our neighborhood, I have committed to community and progress. I have helped to organize a number of community efforts, including:

Don’t just take it from me.  Lou Hutchings, my neighbor & friend, says this (originally on Facebook):

Screenshot 2015-06-30 23.53.30

I have been recognized for my contribution to The Simpsonville Farmer’s Market.

I was presented with this T-Shirt in thanks for my support of the Farmer's Market.
Michelle Ellis of Bethel Trail Farms presented me with this T-Shirt in thanks for my support of the Farmer’s Market.

I have also addressed city council or its representatives as an advocate on a number of community issues, including:

  • The Chamber of Commerce/SAFI proposal for use of the Simpsonville Elementary School building
  • The Farmer’s Market
  • The 2014-2015 Fiscal Year budget
  • The Simpsonville Museum of Revolutionary History
  • The proposed changes to the Animal Ordinance

I am ready now to bring my demonstrated leadership skills and experience to the Simpsonville City Council, where I hope to make a bigger impact on this city I love.