Stay #SimplyHome This Weekend!

“In Simpsonville, South Carolina, folks have a valid reason to stay in town. What is that reason, you ask?”

In his recent article, Jamie Sanderson says it’s Warehouse at Vaughn’s . And that’s a good one, for sure! But I’d argue that’s just one of many reasons to stay #SimplyHome rather than taking your weekend spending money elsewhere! In my 2015 campaign launch speech, I told you my vision for downtown. In part, I said, I wanted it to be “a place where people say hey, it’s the weekend! Let’s go down to Simpsonville and spend the day… there’s a lot to do; it’s a great place to be.” Mission accomplished?

Read Jamie’s full article here (try not to drool on the amazing food photos! 😋):

Highlights from the campaign speech by a younger, blonder me: