Meeting Recap 2.8.22

That’s a wrap! Some meeting highlights:

➡️ Ms. Tench got teary-eyed talking to us about the SAFI gift to the city. As she said, “we’ve come so far”,” and it’s exciting! Come out next Tuesday at 6:45 for the dedication of the new sculpture that The Simpsonville Arts Foundation, Inc. has permanently (as long as there is an Arts Center) loaned to the city. Then, we’ll have the reveal for the first shows by Mill Town Players and tour the Arts Center!

➡️ We had the GCRA presentation tonight, too. I am particularly happy to hear about plans for an aggressive marketing campaign about Home Repair funds. These are funds that can be used to rehab existing homes in low-to-moderate income areas. This is as important, in my opinion, as exploring new affordable housing options (like the Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County Woodside development). And I know folks in Ward 3 who have asked “what about these homes that already exist?” Helping people to “age in place” and keep their homes is important.

➡️ We are in great financial shape according to our auditors. We have a healthy fund balance and we’re prepared for a rainy day (but hoping we don’t have one!).

➡️ Finally, we approved the recommendations of our A-tax committee by a 5-1 vote, with Councilman Lou Hutchings recusing himself and Councilmember Rupe voting no. As I said in the meeting, our A-tax committee is made up of experts from the hospitality and lodging industries. They thoroughly vetted the applications according to state law and debated the allotments. Having reviewed their recommendations and the state law that dictates how funds can be spent, I am confident their recommendations are appropriate. A-tax funds are some of the most closely regulated by the state.