Here’s to 2022!

What a year for Simpsonville, y’all! In reflecting on all of the great things that have happened in our city this year, I realize just how much we’ve accomplished–so much it’s nearly impossible to summarize it all in a Facebook post (so I’m not going to try today). And we have so many more great things planned for 2022: Milltown Players is coming to the Arts Center; we’ll finish the Woodside Park neighborhood; we’ll see real progress on that downtown Master Plan we’ve been working on (including much-needed traffic improvements downtown!)…and SO much more!

Y’all, it’s a great time to call this city #SimplyHome, and I am looking forward to yet another great year for Simpsonville and to continue working with my fellow City Councilmembers and staff to provide first-rate services to our citizens; stay fiscally responsible (with a keen awareness of how decisions impact taxpayers); promote economic opportunity; support neighborhood vitality; and commit to the community and cultural programs and services that help our city thrive and improve your quality of life. Here’s to 2022!