Last Meeting of 2021

That’s a wrap! We’ve completed the last business meeting of 2021. It was Councilmember Kelley’s last meeting, and the mayor presented her with a plaque for her service. The city has experienced peace and prosperity since 2018. Much of that would not have been possible if Councilmembers Hutchings, Roche, and Kelley had not chosen to run and serve this city when she needed them. The best any of us can ask is that when we leave office, we leave Simpsonville better than it was before. Councilmember Kelley can say that’s true.

We had some great discussion about the Neely Ferry annexation, requested some additional info on the West Georgia Rd one, and approved on final reading the SE Main St one. We also appointed members to the Planning Commission and BZA. Here’s to a peaceful holiday season for us all and continued peace and prosperity for the city in the new year. Merry Christmas, Simpsonville!