Meeting Tonight

Reminder that we meet tonight. We’ll be talking about the budget. City Administrator Dianna Gracely is presenting a balanced budget that has no proposed tax or fee increases and no transfers from the fund balance. The presentation will detail budget highlights, like bringing all employees to their compensation ratio for their years of service/experience; a 4% cost of living adjustment effective October 1; a number of important capital purchases. It also establishes a Capital Reserve Fund with any budget surplus. This is something I’m personally really excited about because I was genuinely surprised we had no such fund when I came into office. And since then, I’ve been talking about the importance of long-term planning for the future, so we don’t end up in another situation like the one we had with Public Works when I came into office. This is a fiscally responsible way to use any budget surplus dollars to prepare for the future.

I know a lot of people are also interested in that last item on the agenda: a lease agreement for the Milltown Players to use our renovated Arts Center. If you’re not familiar with Milltown Players, look them up. I think they’ll make a nice addition to Simpsonville. Join me in hearing more by meeting us in Council Chambers at tonight (Tuesday)!