Staying Healthy in Isolation

I’ve heard a lot of people talk (or seems them post online) about the negative effect social distancing) isolation is having on them. I know I’ve been feeling extra stress during this time. The experts have some suggestions for helping:

☑️ Create a routine
☑️ Break up your day
☑️ Take care of your body
☑️ Help others
☑️ Stay connected
☑️ Limit media intake
☑️ Prepare medical supplies
☑️ Fight boredom
☑️ Avoid burnout
☑️ Focus on the positives
☑️ Take one day at a time

Read more from the experts:

After reading the article, I made a list of some things I will commit to doing every day of isolation.

What are you doing to take care of yourself and stay #SimplySafe and #SimplyHealthy?