LWV Proclamation

WHEREAS, The League of Women Voters was founded on February 14, 1920,
during the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association – just six months before the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitutiongiving women the right to vote; and

WHEREAS, The League began as a “mighty political experiment” designed to helps 20 million women carry out their new responsibilities as voters and to encourage them to use their new power to participate in shaping public policy; and

WHEREAS,The League has expanded nationwide to include all fifty states and more than 700 local communities, and has included men as well as women as members; and

WHEREAS, For 100 years, the League has been a respected nonpartisan, activist,
grassroots organization dedicated to empowering voters and defending democracy; and

WHEREAS, The League of Women Voters of Greenville County, founded in 1951,
continues the League’s commitment to “Making Democracy Work” for all, protecting and expanding voter and voting rights, providing nonpartisan information about political candidates
and public policy issues, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion; and

NOW THEREFORE, I, Paul Shewmaker, as Mayor of the City of Simpsonville do hereby proclaim the month of February 2020 as “League of Women Voters Centennial Month” and congratulate the League of Women Voters of Greenville County on the League of Women Voters’ 100th Anniversary.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and caused the seal of the City of Simpsonville to be affixed this 11th day of February in the year of our Lord 2020.