Simply Proud of Our Chief and PD

The other day I was having lunch in Greenville when someone said, “Oh, you’re Jenn Hulehan, from Simpsonville Council.” Then, he went on to say that he actually lives in Simpsonville and has been so impressed with the progress of the city over the last four years. Particularly, as someone who spent his career in law enforcement, he said he was impressed with our Simpsonville Police Department and the leadership of Chief Mike Hanshaw. Several other people, many also with years of law enforcement experience, echoed that opinion. I’m so #SimplyProud that when I go out into the community today, people speak positively about our City and the men and women who serve it.

Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, here’s a picture of the Chief and me at the Knights of Honor gala earlier this year, where we saw one of our officers, Karlee Foster, presented with the prestigious Gregory Alia Award.