Throwback Thursday: Women Build 2017

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#ThrowbackThursday: Mayor Janice Curtis, Councilman Lou Hutchings, and I took part in the wall-raising for the Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County 2017 Women Build in the Boyd-Morton neighborhood here in Ward 3.

In total, nearly a third or 1.8 million of all South Carolina residents don’t have money for food, clothing, transportation or other basics after they pay to keep a roof over their heads, according to findings in the South Carolina Housing Needs Assessment released in August.

When housing costs cut into basic needs like this, it’s known as “shelter poverty.” And according to the study, it costs SC $8.4 billion that is borne by public assistance, private charity or personal deprivation.” This is a cost largely borne by tax payers.

While our City is certainly thriving we are not immune to the affordable housing crisis. Habitat is and will continue to be one tool in Simpsonville’s #affordablehousing toolkit.

PS: not too late to support this year’s #WomenBuild! Ask me how. 🙂