A Diverse Council

Did you know one of our Councilmembers is a veteran? Do you know which one? Yesterday, I was in a workshop on Diversity Leadership in Action. I’m proud that we have a diverse Council. It makes us stronger. You can look at us and see some of that, but as we were discussing in my workshop, diversity is often more about what you can’t see on the outside. And what can be most important in work is diversity of thought. The members of our Council come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. We have different families, educations, work experiences. We think differently, offering different perspectives. Sometimes we change or modify our thinking because of one another. And that’s what makes us stronger.

You can read more about what I’ve said about the importance of different backgrounds complementing one another and how some of our Councilmembers do that on the #Jenn4Ward in this post from 2 years ago: http://ow.ly/FNNI30pSmwL.