One Simpsonville, 4 Years Later

The best campaign team EVER includes #aDogCalledOakley! He wasn’t on the 2015 team because he hadn’t been adopted yet, so he doesn’t remember why the signs we’re recycling from then have the tag line “One Simpsonville.” In 2015, our city was so divided that progress of any sort was stalled. And, in the words of Ralph Hendricks, our city was being “held hostage by political wrangling.” I wanted to see that end. I also wanted to see our Council meetings be more productive and more professional. And I wanted to see relationships between city officials, residents, business owners, and local community organizations improve. I promised to do my part to make that happen. I did. One of the first things I did was draft the ordinance for Council Rules. Because of the “political wrangling,” it took nearly the whole year to pass. But it did, thanks to the support of Mayor Janice Curtis, Matthew Gooch Simpsonville Ward 1, and Councilman Ken Cummings. Simultaneously, the 4 of us began working on improving relationships between the City and others. Today, we have order, decorum, and professionalism in Council Chambers once again. And we have repaired fractured relationships, strengthened weak ones, and built new ones. Today we are One Simpsonville, working together to #KeepSimpsonvilleStrong. Read more about this and other promises made and kept on the #Jenn4Ward3 blog here: