Q&A: Has Crime Decreased in Simpsonville?

“Has Crime Decreased in Simpsonville?” This question, or the implication that crime has risen in the last few years, comes up every now and then. I recently compared monthly Police Department reports that I have received since January 2016. It looked to me like crime has decreased recently. So I asked Chief Hanshaw for a comprehensive yearly comparison based on reported crime over the past 4 years within the City of Simpsonville. You can see the raw numbers below. Please note that some of the reported incidents reflected in this report could have been unfounded, or found to be false at a later date. The data was researched and compiled using the Police Department’s report management system, LawTrak. Our PD is fully staffed with some of the best law enforcement professionals around. As individuals and as a Department, they have recently received awards and accolades for their work. I’m #SimplyProud of the hard-working men and women of the Simpsonville Police Department for keeping us #SimplySafe! If you have any questions, concerns, or need for clarification regarding the report, please contact Chief Hanshaw or Cpl. Chandler at SPD.crime slide