Throwback Thursday: My First House

#ThrowbackThursday: This is my first house, which I was able to purchase via a South Carolina State Housing Authority income-based mortgage program for public service employees making under a certain yearly salary. Last Tuesday night, Council heard a presentation by John Castile of the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority on the issue of affordable housing. Many people associate “affordable housing” or “income-based” housing with “Section 8” or “Public Housing.” But that’s a misconception. Creating affordable housing opportunities can be done in a variety of ways, including through programs like the one I used. Read more about affordable housing and why I look forward to working with the County, GCRA, our City Administrator, and my fellow councilmembers to build our “Affordable Housing Toolbox” with a variety of options and to ensure our 2020 Action Plan and our new Comprehensive Plan support efforts to create affordable housing opportunities that are the right fit for Simpsonville here: