Q&A with LWV 2

Question: What is the biggest threat to quality of life in Simpsonville?

Answer: The biggest threat to quality of life in Simpsonville would be failure to plan strategically for the future. In 2015, when I decided to run for Council, it was because the leadership at the time had stopped focusing on what’s best for Simpsonville. Their focus on other things distracted them from very real problems, such as our aging and increasingly inoperable Public Works equipment.They put in place short-term fixes for problems that required long-term, sustainable solutions. This had a negative impact on quality of life in our city. I’ve spent almost four years working to correct course. We absolutely must continue to focus on long-term, strategic planning that creates sustainable services for our residents. I will continue to address it by focusing on maintaining our healthy general fund balance; economic development and smart growth; and pushing for completion of long-term planning initiatives like the Downtown Master Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.