We’re Better Together: Civic Engagement

Great civic engagement tonight! I was able to swing by the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting after work, and there was record attendance! That’s important because I think the residents in attendance learned a little more about our Zoning Ordinance, what “special exception” really means, and how it works. If you missed it but want to know more about zoning districts like R-OI, what the allowed uses and special exceptions are, and how those decisions are made, you can check out the Zoning Ordinance online. It’s super user friendly with interactive links to navigate throughout the document. Many thanks to our Board of Zoning Appeals members for their dedication to ensuring requests are only approved if they meet the requirements in pour ordinance–and for asking good questions to ensure they do. Also, props to the business owner who has completely renovated a dilapidated building that was an eyesore for the city. It looks amazing, and we’re #SimplyProud to have businesses like that in Simpsonville. Link to Zoning Ordinance: https://www.simpsonville.com/administration/page/zoning-ordinance.
Read more about this particular meeting here.