Vote 411

The League of Women Voters Greenville asked all Simpsonville City Council Candidates to complete a Vote411 profile by October 6th, so this information could be shared with the public in time for absentee voting (Learn more about absentee voting here).Vote411 is an excellent source for finding out what’s on your ballot. To access that information and learn about the candidates, just go to Then, select “Find What’s On Your Ballot.” Put in your address and click submit. On the next screen choose “Simpsonville City” and then click “Go to My Races.” Then, it gets a little weird language-wise. It will ask you to choose what it calls “Villages in Simpsonville City.” Select “SC City of Simpsonville.” Underneath that, it asks you to “Choose SImpsonville City Council.” We vote at-large for each seat, but you can only view one seat + the mayor at a time. So if you select “#3,” you get the information about the Ward 3 seat and about the Mayoral Candidates. To see other seats, you need to go back and choose #1 or #5. Go check it out to prepare to vote November 5th!  Here are some screenshots for you visual people!