Excited for Future Trails in Simpsonville!

Today Bonnie Ray and I hiked a new-to-us trail: Flat Tail Trail, which is a part of Lake Conestee Nature Park. We started at the trailhead at Belmont Fire Station, crossed over the Swamp Rabbit Trail, made a few detours onto smaller trails like Box Turtle Run, and then looped back to the fire station. We saw all kinds of people (and dogs): young families with children on foot or on bicycle, senior citizens out for a stroll, nature lovers watching birds from the observation decks… everyone enjoying this beautiful day.

Back when I was running for office in 2015, we talked about bringing the Swamp Rabbit Trail to Simpsonville. I told you I was committed to that because it’s good for us and the city. I haven’t changed my mind…even if our plan on how to bring trails to Simpsonville has evolved. I am excited that we’re making progress (the trails group met last week), and I am excited to one day be walking with my dog along Simpsonville’s trails.

I hope y’all were all able to enjoy this beautiful day in your own way. Have a great week, Simpsonville!