On Re-electing Mayor Curtis

#ThrowbackThursday: Mayor Janice Curtis and I ran into each other on February 13th, 2016 at I ❤ Simpsonville. I ran for office in 2015, and when I started, I didn’t know who Janice Curtis was. It’s been my great pleasure to have gotten to know her since I embarked upon my campaign and council journey. I’ve learned a lot about her in that time. Here’s some of what I know:

1) She really does love Simpsonville. And she will always, always, do what she thinks is in this city’s best interests. Always, what is best for Simpsonville is at the forefront of her mind and informs every decision she makes.

2) She will always tell it to you like it is. Straight truth–whether you like it or not. And that’s refreshing in politics.

3) She gets things done. The woman makes things happen. There have been a number of times where I have said, “Janice, this will never happen.” And she proved me wrong.

Listen, the mayor and I don’t always agree. We often disagree. But she always listens to me. And she’s always willing to work towards a compromise IF it’s in the best interest of our city and if it does not compromise her principles.

Janice Curtis ran for mayor when we desperately needed a strong leader to turn the tide in favor of our city. And she has been that leader. Only a couple of months into our terms (perhaps around the time of this photo), I said to her (during some trying times) “You may not always be the mayor people like, but you are the mayor we all need.” That remains true to this day: we need strong leadership to continue moving our city forward. We need a mayor who can get things done, who tells it like is, and who ALWAYS puts our city first. We need a mayor like Janice Curtis.

And that’s why I’m excited she’s announced her intention to run for re-election. It’s why she has my respect, my support, and my vote. #KeepSimpsonvilleStrong