Meeting Recap: Road Resurfacing

Did you miss our meeting last night? Were you thinking you might not listen to the MP3 of last night’s City Council meeting? Well, then, you’d be missing all kinds of excitement! No…really:

Last night, one of the items Council voted on was on the allocation of some unanticipated revenue (what’s not exciting about unexpected money?!). These funds are coming to us from GHS (now Prisma). We will be receiving $132,711. Council agreed to spend $8,540 on unanticipated user fees associated with the new fire apparatus. We agreed to put $30,000 to a new Downtown Master Plan. The last time a Downtown Master Plan was completed was 1987! It’s important that we continue to invest in public spaces, especially our downtown area, to encourage further private investment in our city. Council agreed that the remaining balance of funds ($94,171) should go towards road resurfacing. We’ve been desperately trying to catch up on needed road improvements, but we just don’t have the money to get done all we need to each year. What’s even better is that the County Transportation Commission agreed to match our GHS/Prisma funds, so we will actually have an unanticipated $188,342 to put towards road resurfacing! Who says City Council meetings aren’t exciting?!

Oh…and ICYMI: Domino’s Pizza is giving us $5000 for fixing potholes! 🍕 Thanks to all of YOU who nominated us for those 💵!

We have much to be grateful for here in Simpsonville and much to look forward to.