Do You Support a Traffic Solution?

In the near future, City Council will be voting on a proposal that would provide a solution to traffic flow problems in downtown Simpsonville: left turn signals and lanes at the Curtis/Main intersection. Please note that this is the only option DOT will support after being presented with numerous options over the course of many months of investigation and negotiations with the State and County. And DOT will not allow turn signals without turn lanes.

This proposal does eliminate some on street parking (4 spaces on one side of Curtis and 8 on th


e other) to provide the space required to create the turn lanes. Note: that is not ALL of the on-street parking; several spaces remain.
The loss of those on-street parking spaces is a concern to some business owners and to Council. However, I feel like the loss of parking is outweighed by the benefit of better traffic flow through town.
Also, it is notable that we have public parking at City Hall that is underutilized for the businesses on the east side of Curtis (only 100 steps from car to shop!). And the City Administrator is currently in negotiations about purchasing property for additional downtown public parking.

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