Meeting Recap Part 2

Yesterday, I gave you a recap of a development project. Today I’m talking about the United Way update provided by our Community Relations Specialist at our Tuesday Committee of the Whole meeting.

Here’s the update he provided: United Way of Greenville County uses donations to support local organizations and networks to help the underserved in Greenville County.

The City’s campaign is right on track to meet our goal by Oct. 31. In fact, we have already
reached 33 percent of our $7,500 goal. Meetings by our United Way coach with local speakers have either taken place and more are scheduled. Incentives for giving
include a day off and raffles.
The City did an awesome job last year by increasing its total donations from $1,238 in 2016 to $6,220 in 2017. Our goal this year is $7,500, and I have no doubt we can get there.

Here are some of the way United Way uses the funds we raise:

If you want to help us help the United Way, let Justin Campbell know: