Meeting Recap 8.28.18 Part 1

We had a long Committee of the Whole Meeting last night with a lot on the agenda! So I’m going to recap the meeting in parts instead of covering the whole meeting in one post.  The first post will focus on AXZ-2018-05, Proposed Annexation/Rezoning of Property Along Fowler Rd.

Council voted 5-2 to move this forward to the Business Meeting. I voted in favor. Dissenting votes came from Councilmembers Gooch and Kelley. This annexation/rezoning is for a portion of the lot be annexed and rezoned from R-S (Residential Suburban) in the County to I-D (Innovative-Development) within the City. The proposal is a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development. The Statement of Intent (SOI) describes the project as offering multiple residential products and supporting neighborhood commercial uses.

As I said in the Committee of the Whole Meeting, I love this project. This development represents everything we have said we want from developers: connectivity, preservation of green space and natural environment, mixed-use. This is the kind of place I would love to live. It’s designed so people can walk from their homes to small businesses, like a local pizza parlor.

In addition, the developer has committed to making necessary road improvements. For example, Fowler Rd. probably needs to be widened. The developer wants to make it like a boulevard in keeping with the design of the rest of the development. Turn lanes will be installed where needed. There will be 6 different tie-ins to roads to disperse traffic, so all incoming and outgoing traffic won’t be at the same point of entry/exit.

As City Planner Mr. Knudsen explained, this development will be an example to future development. The natural features of the site are to be preserved and left as amenities to the residents. Great care is being taken to connect the community by pedestrian friendly paths and sidewalks. The available neighborhood retail will be convenient to and supported by the residents.

This annexation/rezoning will be on the next Business Meeting agenda for a final vote.

More updates soon!