All the Candidates Agree! (No, really!)

I attended the forum at City Park Monday night, where all 6 candidates spoke and answered questions.  And they all agreed on 2 key issues: 1) restore leaf pickup service (no bagging!); and 2) no tax increases.

Yes, that’s right. They all agreed on those two things.  No surprise–they know these things are important to you. They’re important to all of us. So if they all agree on those issues, who should you vote for?

One word: Vision.

Vote for those who have it. Vote for those whose vision of Simpsonville in 5, 10, 15 years most closely aligns with yours.

As I’ve told you before, our Public Works Department ended up in its current state because of a lack of long-term planning and the lack of a cohesive, forward-thinking Council, a Council whose majority lacked vision.  A Council whose majority made decisions–big decisions–absent any long-term plans or vision.  And that’s unacceptable because every decision Council makes should be driven by that long-term plan and vision.

Enough.  We need real leadership. You voted for that in 2015. And you should vote for it again now. I’ve been calling for a long-term strategic plan since 2015. We’ve been stalled at every turn. So January 2018 is the time to make progress on that goal.  We need real leaders with real vision to help us do that.

And as I said previously, we also need people who have a demonstrated ability to work with the current Council.  And people whose experiences will complement those of us currently serving on Council. This is the only way we will make real progress over the next two years.  And I’m ready for that to happen.  I know you are too.  Don’t forget to vote November 7th.