An Election’s Coming!

I spotted my first yard sign today while walking my dogs. Snapped a photo, sent it to a friend and said, “Is it that time, already?!” It is. Even though it seems like we just had an election (for me, at least).

If you haven’t seen a sign yet, I’m sure you will soon as people begin to show support for their candidates of choice.  Don’t have a candidate of choice yet?  New to Simpsonville and not even sure what’s going on?  Here’s the story:

Simpsonville’s City Council is made up of 7 people: one mayor and 6 council members, 1 from each of 6 wards.  All members of Council are elected at large.  That means you have a vote for each member of council.  Council members are elected for 4-year, staggered terms.  That means we have an election every two years. I was elected in 2015, along with 3 other members.

Taking the Oath of Office, January 2016

This November 7th, 3 seats will appear on the ballot. And there will be 7 candidates running for those 3 seats. The breakdown is below.  I am providing, strictly for informative purposes, links to the Facebook pages of each candidate.  The linked pages are set up and run by the candidates and have been advertised as such.  There is only one incumbent running, everyone else is new. I provide these links so you can get to know the candidates a little better.  Because this is important. I won’t tell you who to vote for.  All I will tell you is this: 1) Get to know your candidates; and 2) exercise your right to vote.  In addition to the links below, there are two upcoming opportunities to meet the candidates. One is hosted by the Chamber of Commerce on November 2nd.  The other is hosted by the League of Women Voters on October 30th.

Ward 2

Taylor Graham (incumbent)

(Update 10/9/17: Mr. Graham has decided he no longer has the time to devote to council.) 

Stephanie Kelley

Aaron Rupe

Ward 4

Sherry Roche

Blake Whitaker

Ward 6

Lou Hutchings

Jason Wilmoth

If you have questions about the upcoming election, let me know (but note: I will not be answering questions about specific candidates).