Returning a Service in a Sustainable Way

In reading some of the comments on the survey, I’ve realized I should clarify our plan for brush collection. The proposed budget provides for the purchase (through a bond) of two new brush collection trucks and provides funds for two new personnel to go along with them. This means that the city will be providing the service—as it did before.

One person asked why we don’t get one brush truck and one leaf truck and alternate them each week, so we can provide both services. And that’s a valid question—one I asked myself. So here’s the thing: we’re planning long-term, not short-term—something the city has absolutely must improve on. We ended up in the situation we were in last year because we pushed our equipment too far, expected too much out of what little we had, for far too long. Simpsonville has simply grown too much for one truck to serve us all. That’s why, you’ll recall, we often waited multiple weeks for pick up. The truck just couldn’t keep up with the volume. And the years of trying took its toll on the equipment. This go round, we’re planning smarter. If we want a sustainable brush service long term, we need two trucks, not one. And we need a plan for maintaining and replacing equipment, so we don’t just drive our equipment into the ground. If we’re going to do it, we need to do it right. Period. Otherwise, a few years down the road, we’ll be right back where we were.