Q&A: S. Main & Richardson

Have you noticed a dip in the intersection of S. Main & Richardson Streets? 

Recently, a resident reached out to me about this issue. He said,in part, “There was utility work done on S. Main that extended through the intersection and when they filled and repaved they left a large dip affecting the eastbound direction of travel. I drive through the intersection daily and the nose of my car drags. I don’t own a low slung sports car and I’m not the only one, you can see the gouges where it happens to many drivers.” He asked if I could follow up on this issue.

I contacted Public Works Director Jay Crawford who indicated that this dip in the road will be fixed by our Public Works road crew either today, Friday, December 30th or next week. According to Mr. Crawford, although these roads are SCDOT maintenance roads, the dip was created by patchwork during sewer repair work by the City. Therefore, we will correct the problem. 

If you travel this intersection regularly, expect this problem to be corrected within a week (weather permitting). In the meantime, use the intersection with care.