Update to Online Code of Ordinances

Ever wish the City’s Code of Ordinances online were more user-friendly? Well, now it is!  I just checked it out last week, and it’s easier to search, view, share, download, and print than ever before.  This is because the City’s Code is now published online through a service known as Municode.  Features of Municode include:

  1. ·         An easy-to-use navigation pane;
  2. ·         Users can share links to specific sections of the Code;
  3. ·         Users can print specific sections of the Code;
  4. ·         Users can download specific sections of the Code into Microsoft Word;
  5. ·         Users can E-mail specific sections of the Code;
  6. ·         Users can see view different archived versions of the Code;
  7. ·         Users can easily search the Code for keywords;
  8. ·         Users can sign up to receive E-mail notifications of when the Code is update;
  9. ·        Users can see recent changes to the Code and pending amendments;
  10. ·         Users can also share, print, download, and E-mail the Code of Ordinances in its entirety.

This process of getting the City’s Code on Municode took an extensive period of time.  But we expect that users will find that their ability to access and navigate the Code will be better than ever.  The Code can be accessed at the following link:


Note: Amendments to the Code approved since the beginning of September have not yet been included in this Code.  This has to do with the extent of time that it has taken for Municode to prepare the document for online publication.  Ms. Phyllis Long, City Clerk, is working with Municode to get the recent amendments to the Code published.  Part of Municode’s service is that they handle the codification of new ordinances for the City.  This will be a great timesaver for staff.