Apartment Complex @ Harrison Bridge Rd.

Recently, I have received a number of emails regarding a proposed apartment complex on Harrison Bridge Rd. And while I have answered each one individually, given the interest in this topic, I also wanted to post an update here publicly.

As of yet, this issue has not been brought before Council, but I have done some research into it because I have received several emails about.

Last week, the Planning Commission held a public hearing about an annexation on Harrison Bridge and Hipps Roads for an apartment complex. The Planning Commission voted 5-2 recommending denial.

For my part, I am unlikely to vote to approve something the Planning Commission has already voted to deny. Add to what I have learned about the project thus far, and I would need a really compelling reason to vote in favor of this annexation as it has been presented.

As of this morning (8 November 2016), this apartment complex proposal has been postponed by the applicants, and they’re considering whether they should withdraw the application entirely.