More Q&A on Public Works

Lots of questions this week as we get closer to September 1st! So here are some questions I’ve been asked and the answers I’ve provided. Some of this information may be beneficial to others in our community, so I thought I’d post them here.

Q1: I haven’t gotten my packet, yet. Where can I get one?

A1: We have a copy available for you online here:

Q2: Today’s my regular trash day. My trash is usually picked up by now, but it hasn’t been. But the new service doesn’t start until September 1st, right? So what’s going on?

A2: New service does not start until September 1. There are two possibilities here: A) Service may be running a bit behind as ACE works with Public Works to become accustomed to our routes and as they try to make sure everything put out prior to the change is picked up. B) Many of us have become accustomed to determining whether or not our trash has been picked up by looking to see if the lid is opened or closed. The inmates the city previously used to dump the roll carts would usually leave the lids hanging open. So we knew they’d been by. However, the new automated trucks automatically close the lids after they’ve dumped your trash. So a closed lid no longer indicates your trash hasn’t been picked up.

Q3: Wait. Do I need a new cart?

A3: It depends on what kind of cart you have. If you have one of these, you’ll need a new cart.


Ace will be delivering replacement carts to those who still use these between now and August 31st. There is no charge for a replacement cart. ACE has a list of those who have still been using the old green carts.

If you have one of these, you’re good to go:


Q4: Will ACE still pick up things like old TVs, sofas, box springs, and mattresses?

A4: The city has never picked up old TVs…or any other electronics.

Penny and I stopped on our walk to remind a neighbor that the City does not pick up used TVs. ACE won’t either.

And this is true with ACE as well. As for the others, ACE will pick up one bulk item from each home per week provided that item is 50 lbs. or less. If you need to dispose of more than that, you can call ACE to schedule a pick up for the next week.

Q5: How exactly do I bundle sticks?

A5: Check out this ehow article:

Q5: Where do I put my cart? In the street?

A5: You will still put your cart on the curb.  The rule to remember is that it cannot be more than 2 ft. from the curb.  If it’s too far away, the truck can’t grab it.  You’ll also want to make sure you have 3 ft. clearance on all other sides of the cart.  Again, the truck can’t grab it if it’s too close to another item, like a mailbox or tree.  This is an example of a placement that worked when ACE came through Westwood yesterday:

No more than 2 ft. from the street but not in the street.

Q6: It says they won’t pick up anything not in the cart. What if I have too much stuff?

A6: If this is a regular occurrence, call and request a second cart.  Also, if you haven’t signed up for recycling, now is the time!  Using the recycling cart has decreased what we put in our garbage cart by more than half!  There is no charge for a recycling cart.

Also, remember that tomorrow (8.25.16), ACE staff will be at the Activity and Senior Center from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM to answer your questions about the upcoming changes. And you can always call them at 864.877.0505.

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