Q & A: What About My Roll Cart?

Do you own one of old green garbage roll carts (like the one pictured on the far left)?

old roll carts.png

There are about 2,500 of these roll carts still in use in the city. Unfortunately, these carts cannot be serviced by ACE (our new trash collection service provider). But don’t worry!  ACE has worked with Public Works and has a list of the residences that still use those carts. Ace will be delivering carts to those homes between August 22-31.  There is NO CHARGE for the new roll cart.

The old roll cart belongs to you. You may already have an alternative use for yours.  For example, my husband keeps an old roll cart in the garage.  He uses it to collect garbage that the city doesn’t accept.  When it’s full, he hauls off its contents to the appropriate location.

If you have no use for yours and would like Ace to dispose of your old roll cart, they will. Just mark the container clearly, so they know you no longer want it. One resident has reported that when he asked Ace how they would dispose of the unwanted carts, Ace reported they will be taking them to the landfill. Like the resident who brought this to my attention, I would certainly prefer to see them reused, repurposed, or recycled.  I have contacted our Public Works Director to see if he has any ideas about how we might do that.

You can get more details on our transition to ACE Environmental Services online here: http://bit.ly/2bn1zqN.