Q & A: When is My Trash Pickup Day?

ACE will service the entire City of Simpsonville on Thursdays and Friday each week starting September 1st.

Recently, I was asked by a fellow Westwood resident this question:

Trash day with Simpsonville Public Works in the Westwood neighborhood is on Wednesday. The last day of August is Wednesday 8/31. ACE begins trash pickup on Thursday 9/01.
Q: So will Simpsonville Public Works still be picking up trash on Wed., 8/31?

The answer is yes.  Simpsonville Public Works will be collecting trash on its regular routes Monday through Wednesday of that last week in August. So we’ll still put our carts out for service on Wednesday 8/31 in Westwood.

The following week, we’ll be putting our roll carts at the curb on Thursday, and that will be our trash day moving forward.

Not in Westwood? To see figure out whether your pickup day will be Thursday or Friday, click here.