Meeting Recap 7.26.16

Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s (7-26-16) Committee of the Whole meeting…

Proclamation recognizing Dianne Carson for her contributions to the City of Simpsonville:

Ms. Carson founded the Simpsonville Farmer’s Market in 2010. At that time, it had 6 vendors and was located by The Loom. Under her leadership, the market flourished, and in 2012, it moved to its current location at City Park. Today the market boasts 50 vendors. In addition, in 2012, Ms. Carson founded the Harmony Garden and served as its Master Gardener. Read more about Harmony Garden here. We’re fortunate to have someone as dedicated to the City of Simpsonville as Ms. Carson is. Citizens like her help make this city a better place. Read more about why the Farmer’s Market is so important to our community here.


Chamber Update:

Ms. McGarity provided an update on recent and upcoming Chamber activities. Of note is Friday night’s Low Country Boil, which she reported will have around 530 attendees. Also of note: Ms. McGarity reported on the success of the Police Department Appreciation packages initiative, which was a joint effort between the Chamber and the City. Thanks to donations from local businesses and private citizens, they were able to deliver 60 bags to the PD and stock the breakroom with water, tea, and Gatorade for the officers to share.

The following matters referred by staff were moved to the Business Meeting on August 9th for official vote by full Council:

  1. Adoption of latest International Building Codes. This update is mandated, so there was little to no discussion.
  2. Revision to Code of Ordinances, Chapter 30. Solid Waste Management. The purpose of this revision is to adopt changes that will make the ordinance match our new privatized sanitation services. Little to no discussion.

The following matters referred by Council were moved to the August 9th Business Meeting for a final vote:

  1. Unity Meal. This was presented by Councilman Cummings. Discussion revolved around finding a day/time that works for everyone. Unanimous vote to recommend to full council.
  2. Habitat for Humanity Development Proposal at Woodside Park. This matter was brought by Councilman Gooch. This matter was moved to the Business Meeting by a majority vote with the following members voting no: Graham, Braswell, Lockaby.

Read about the most recent Habitat for Humanity project in Simpsonville in this article article in The Greenville News and in my 6-month check-in post here.

The following matter referred by Council was moved to the August 23rd Committee of the Whole Meeting:

Update to Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6. Animals. Councilman Gooch brought this matter on behalf of Mayor Curtis. The motion was for one councilmember and the Mayor to review Chapter 6 and bring recommended changes to the August 9th Business Meeting for a vote. In my opinion, as voiced at the meeting, there was a misunderstanding about the motion. What ensued was a series of amendments and even an amendment to an amendment (out of order but not called). The end result is that all of Council will review the ordinance and bring recommended changes not to the Business Meeting on August 9th but to the next Committee of the Whole Meeting at the end of August. Assuming Council reviews and recommends changes in a timely fashion, the matter should then be moved to the September Business Meeting for First Reading. Second Reading would take place at the Business Meeting in October.

Council then moved into Executive Session, where a number of items (see agenda) were discussed. No votes were taken. No action was taken. Upon returning to open session, a number of motions and votes occurred. All passed unanimously to the August 9th Business Meeting for a vote. Those matters are as follows:

  1. Motion to adjust the salary of the Chief Judge.
  2. Motion to enter into an agreement for the Fair at Heritage Park.
  3. Motion to move forward with an agreement with TRZ Management for the management of the amphitheater.
  4. Motion to enter into a contract with Pratt Industries for the supply of recycling materials.

All of these items will appear on the Business Meeting agenda August 9th and will be presented to Council for a vote.