Press Release: Simpsonville Businesses and Citizens Present Check For Economic Development

See below for the press release regarding this morning’s presentation.

Questions? Contact Tiffany Cherry, Community Relations Specialist, City of Simpsonville at: (864) 967-9526 or


SIMPSONVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, (June 29, 2016) – Local business owners and citizens presented a check for $1,000 to Mayor Janice Curtis and the City of Simpsonville to be contributed to an economic development line item in the City’s budget.

Rory Curtis, owner of Carolina Olive Oil, spearheaded the movement to gain support from local businesses. “ I approached several people with the idea of donating towards the City’s economic development. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We are proud to do business in Simpsonville and are eager to support economic development in our city” said Mr. Curtis.

For decades Simpsonville has been growing both commercially and residentially. However, there has never been a designated line item in the City’s budget for econmic development. “Simpsonville is one of the state’s fastest growing cities. Businesses are attracted to Simpsonville because our community ranks among the highest income and education levels in the state. Families want to live in Simpsonville because we are a safe, family-friendly community with great schools and parks. Having this newly created line item in our budget shows that Simpsonville is committed to economic development” said Mayor Curtis.

According to Mr. Curtis, the money is being donated with “no strings attached.” The goal of the donation is to continue the conversation of econmic development in Simpsonville with a focus on revitalizing the downtown area. There are several small projects that can make a big impact on Main Street, Simpsonviille. The City of Simpsonville will seek to grow the account by pursuing grants and in future budgeting efforts.

“The heart of our community is its people. The private public partnership initatied by these community leaders is unprecedent and truly represents One Simpsonville. The business community, the citizens, and the City are working together for the future of Simpsonville” said Mayor Curtis.

The City of Simpsonville would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their contributions.

  • Roy and Francis Shelton, The Garden House
  • Caroline Richardson Mahaffey, Jeff Richardson Company
  • Candace Humphries, Palmetto Twist
  • Lou and Mary Hutchings
  • Wade Shealy, Unterhausen
  • Rory Curtis and Lee Ann Swanson, Carolina Olive Oil
  • Lewis Stewart and Lewis Stewart, Jr.
  • Perry and Donna Eichor
  • Kelly Lomas, Peacock Cottage
  • Charlotte K. Clark, Midtown Lawn Care