Hillpine Bridge Update

Last week, I received from a citizen a request for an update on the Hillpine Bridge, which was rumored to have been opening soon. Here’s the scoop (courtesy of Interim Public Works Director, Jay Crawford):

It is just about open.  The contractor finished up June 10th.  The new
concrete approach ramps need to cure for 7 days, and if they develop
sufficient strength by then, traffic could start using the bridge as early
as the 20th.  However, City Administrator Mr. Dyrhaug and Mr. Crawford want to install guard rails as a measure of safety on both sides of the bridge.  And I think we can all agree that safety is a top priority! The guardrails have already been ordered, and Public Works employees will install them when they arrive (probably next week).  By the end of the month, Hillpine Bridge should be open for business!