Q & A: Paving on Willowtree & Tamwood

1464792921204Recently, a resident contacted me with concerns about the paving done on Willowtree and Tamwood here in the Westwood subdivision.

Today I have an update on this situation:

Mr. Dyrhaug, the City Administrator, indicates that he and the interim Public Works Director, Mr. Jay Crawford, are aware of the poor pavement patchwork that was installed by the sewer contractors on Willowtree, as well as on Tamwood.  We all agree it feels like you are driving over railroad tracks, which is  definitely not acceptable.  Mr. Crawford reviewed this with the sewer contractors a few weeks ago so that we do not see similar deficient patching in other areas that they work on.  They have also indicated that they will rework the patching on Willowtree and Tamwood.  Today Mr. Dyrhaug asked Mr. Crawford to provide an update of when they will finish reworking the patching on Willowtree and Tamwood if they haven’t already.

Mr. Crawford followed-up with the sewer contractor. Right now they are finishing up some work on Tamwood. Once they complete their work, they plan on fixing the asphalt on Willowtree and Tamwood. Right now they are planning on reworking the pavement patch as early as next Monday, barring any delays. However, with their current work on Tamwood, they are having to cut through rock, which could delay them slightly. Either way, they plan to rework the pavement as soon as they are done with their work on Tamwood.

I’ll keep you updated!