Recycling Update: Changes March 1

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No More Glass March 1!

As most city residents learned late last year, Simpsonville’s recycling program provided by Sonoco ended (read more in this article from The Greenville News).  We experienced no disruption in service, however, because our Public Works Department began taking our recycling to a new servicer, Pratt Industries.

At this week’s City Council Workshop meeting, we heard from Mr. Jay Crawford, Director of Public Works, who gave us an update on the city’s recycling program.  As part of that update, he informed us that effective March 1, we will no longer be able to recycle glass.  As it turns out, no one wants residential glass for recycling anymore.  Thus, Pratt will no longer accept it.  And that means we, fellow citizens, can no longer put glass in our green roll carts starting on March 1st.

The city will begin publicizing this in February, targeting existing customers by putting a notice on every can.  We’ll also be using other methods to try to get the word out.  But what’s better than word of mouth? Help us help get the word out by spreading this important information: Starting March 1, no more glass in recycling roll carts. 

Got questions? Let me know!